There’s always something happening in my life

Hectic erratic

I am the center of Budapest, some ancient capital at the crossroads of continents,

Adventures intersecting in multiple ways

Like I do today where those adventures all lead me to an inevitable last chapter that forces me to put down the book, the textbook, the Altas of the world, the encyclopedia of the human soul or the stars, whatever it may be that I’m reading

It’s my appetite for stories, an ambition for a life fully loved

I rarely get a moment to slow down

I’m done my travels for now and taking a break from my career

And hopefully a break from my responsibilities as a citizen, a woman, a sister, a daughter

A woman begs to be married to escape male domination, a man begs for a job to escape the pressures of the machine forced on his mind

Human frailty is that we beg for our chains

And I have been begging for too long

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