“ Glamour only radiates if there is a sublime courage & bravery within: glamour is like the moon; it only shines because the sun is there. ”

― C. JoyBell C.

  • Las estrategias

    La diferencia entre mi hermano y yo es que él quería ser amado más de lo que quería vivir, y yo quiero vivir más de lo que quería amor¿Quién puede decir cuál es mejor? No es para que los humanos lo sepan Pero he sobrevivido, sobrevivir conoce los valores de la supervivencia. La vida elige […]

  • The hunger

    At the edge of the place I know where brave people stand there are flowers and chocolates and smoke coming from the beach There is absolutely no certainty here and every quantum event ripples in infinite many ways like the microscopic and instant waves of the ocean And I hope I know just who I […]

  • Strategies

    The difference between me and my brother is that he wanted to be loved more than he wanted to live, and I want to live more than I wanted love Who can say which is better? It is not for humans to know But I have survived, surviving knows the values of survival. Life chooses […]

  • Esconderme

    ¿Cuáles son los mundos en los que nos dormimos?Cuando dejo ir el dolor tiemblo Temo sobrevivir sin él no es suficiente, pero me libero tan ligeramente como vinoQuiero correr y esconderme dentro mañanaMañana estaré bienHoy solo cabalgo bajo la cobertura del silencioPadre Ojalá pudieras haberme advertido sobre los peligrosos que hayahí fuera Tengo hambre y […]

  • Warning

    What are the worlds we fall asleep inside When I let go of pain I tremble I fear surviving without it is not enough but I release ever as lightly as it came I want to run and hide inside tomorrow Tomorrow I’ll be good Today I just ride under the cover of silence Father […]

  • Rich and poor

    Doesn’t the rich and poor fall in love the same? The smart and naive, the weak and strong too Love is the judge of everything and nothing at all Love Can be a Great Depression of the soul You might as well change your name Because you won’t come when you are called anymore It […]