Up the steps of the alter

When I was training my dog when she was a puppy we went out for walks on her leash. I wondered if she would try to run away and if she wanted to. One time I let go and I thought she’d be happy but she looked at me like she was hurt and confused why she let go.

Why’d you let go?

You let go so I ran but I’m not sure where I’m going sometimes. I used to chase a dream but nothing seems as beautiful as the past. Now all I feel is the lack of you holding on.

You demolished me, you had it your way but also you worshipped me you existed for me you offered me your solitude like a child to the alter of the sun.

Now I realize that love and pain are the same, and now I understand. We were born to burn and love and love and burn.

You hold on and I let go and I hold on and you let go. I just wanted to get closer to you but I was there all along and no one else was there. No one else had ever been there where I had stood.

The hardest part of walking away wasn’t losing you because I’m past caring about me. I was always past caring about me from the first call. The hardest part was hurting you

and it crippled me

It feels so good when you say things and do things

But you never chose me

Love isn’t an emotion it’s a choice

People die by their emotions and they survive by choice. You wanted love to drown you but I would rather survive. I want love to be a survival and you wanted a surrender.

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