The digits of pi

I was reading an article online about how they calculated the digits of pi

They used to approximate it by using a polygon with so many sides that it could resemble a circle, like a 29,000-gon

And I think from someone looking at it they might think it was a circle and not just a very, very, close approximation

Yes I know a lot of the elements are there, the symmetry, the balance, the closeness, the comfort, even the way it hurts

Now they use supercomputers to calculate a billion digits of pi

And learned men spend their lives searching for a number, an idea of a number

That we can point to as something to believe in and look up to but isn’t real

Those brilliant mathematicians believe in the power numbers, they live in dreams, but I don’t like to stay there too long

And I think that’s the difference between you and me

Because you might call it a circle

But if you had ever asked me, in person, I couldn’t look you in the eyes and tell you what I knew wasn’t true

All I could tell you

Was that it was

wildly, breathtakingly, record-breakingly,


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