Parting the flood



Like the hunter’s pupils up close oscillating rapidly to maintain focus and depth perception

You approach like a car driving into a flooded street

Pushing through the water, water parting at your sides and levelling to the ground by the sheer force and movement

Determined, it’s enough to fuel you through the tide of your anxieties

A slow moving machine

And I’m at the end of that street

I can feel it getting closer through the water

The way I can feel it somehow, alone in my dark room, in the soft neon glow of the mobile screen

going under in waves of anticipation

Now I understand, it makes sense that you know what I know

If you want something just reach out and grab it

That’s the genius of it, the simplicity and the impossibility of it.

Why is your love so pure, so new

Every time you touch me it’s like a new person

Show me what you feel inside your skin, teach me how to feel and I’ll open every closed door for you

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