Inner vision

They say every situation you encounter in life was designed and selected for you to teach you what you, uniquely need to learn

To heal you through the challenges you need to overcome

You can love yourself so much that you will give yourself challenges and with enough confidence, you won’t go through those lessons begrudgingly but you might embrace them

But have you ever known yourself so well that you willingly walked into a dangerous situation because you saw how this was the way, the only way, and you saw an image of who you could be if you survived the nights of terror and days of heartbreak

You followed the image and that feeling of who you were as if it was a northern star, blindly floating through a pitch dark ocean

Away from family and friends and love and kindness and fairness and reason

This dazzling image and potential of who you could be and what you could feel was waiting on the other side, and it was so different from how anyone in your life has ever treated you yet you knew it was the only real true you

If your inner voice told you that you had to be torn to pieces to find it, would you trust it?

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