All that you know

You told me your name

You told me how they broke you, how they did you wrong

You told me you knew love and that you would show me how to heal

You said you would raise the dead in three days

So I waited

Ninety-nine days and ninety-nine nights

You told me I was your sun

But I disappear into nothing when you’re around

You tell me I’m special but then you change your mind

No one ever told you how special you are so you ask me to feel just like you

I should think like you and talk like you

I should sacrifice my love at the altar of your sins

You say you come in forgiveness but I’m staring at your gun

You said you’d give me forever but I never got one today

I want to ask you if that’s love? You’re so much smarter and wiser you must know

You must know something I don’t

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