Rich and poor

Doesn’t the rich and poor fall in love the same?

The smart and naive, the weak and strong too

Love is the judge of everything and nothing at all

Love Can be a Great Depression of the soul

You might as well change your name

Because you won’t come when you are called anymore

It is a question that must always be asked and can never be answered

You smile with pure light like the sun and women fall like shooting birds

Yet the admiration that you know and crave is only the glimmer

On the whole fruit of love that feeds us

How was I to demonstrate the secrets that I know?

From my brave and treacherous, twisted life

About a passion worth living for, and dying for?

Can you feel me pull you closer now?

Show me your shadow

Your shadow that loves you the most

Yet you don’t want me to know what hides inside

you refuse

Of course you’re strong like hercules and I cannot win

But I already know what you hide

only because I can feel it myself

Now that I know your every weakness

Every nightmare that you built your brilliant mind to protect against

What will you do?

Will you run away

Or allow this acceptance to be?

When you hesitate just remember

What it truly is that you came to give me first

And that I have been denied love more times than you ever will

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