Illusion of softness

Emotions can seem like they want softness and comfort, but I think sometimes this can be an illusion. Sometimes emotions want to escape themselves or rebel against themselves or challenge themselves. So much of reaching for comfort is actually just the fear that we won’t survive what the heart truly wants. the heart fears breaking but it needs breaking to feel passion. I think we were born heartbroken, that’s the best way to describe the truth of this world and why it can be so unfair and messy and disappointing. All our lives the adults pretend they are not, and soon we pretend we are not, not born imperfect. I’m trying to accept myself but pretending I am so good when I’m not, just makes it worse. I am nothing, and I am hurt. I was born hungry and screaming for love but why should I be ashamed of this?

So much of emotion is confused as ego. Emotion is not a boring weak thing, that is not it’s name. Ego wants comfort and security of some kind. Emotion does not care. Emotion is the fire ignited when you do every painful thing on purpose, only to find that it feels good after all. Emotion is the only way to conquer your own soul. Emotion is pure freedom, which includes the freedom to hurt, to feel the things nobody dares to feel

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