Steam engine

I have always been like when the spark of fire meets water and creates steam

Scalding hot and uncontrollable emotion

I have tried and have the burn marks to prove it

Emotions with such force they could power a city like a steam engine

Or destroy it

I wasn’t looking for you

I was looking for more fire or water to burn or drown

But I felt you like my feet touching the ground in the deep end of the water

And I admire how you are balanced and connected to everyone everywhere

Like the invisible air

That I can’t see or touch

But I feel it

The way you can feel music if you dance

If I could travel the world I would always be contained by the ground and the sky

You contain me like that

As a man needs to do

I believed love needed to burn to be true passion

But it can simply be a knowing

Of what is true

A knowledge earned by karma

Of the lessons that we’ve completed

And I know together we are special

Look how we show others how to love

This is the only power that is real

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