Hold the keys in your hand

When you are scared and small and young and you lose the things you didn’t know you could lose

When you’re forgotten and blamed and told you are wrong

You dream of a better life

That someday you will be king

That you will win every heart and your name would be spoken in a special way from a special place in their hearts

You imagine how they will circle you and embrace you and drink and have parties for you

That you will never again be left alone

Don’t you deserve to have what everyone else takes for granted, a sleepy town that eats, smokes in the dark, doesn’t know what it’s like at all

Your friends they watch you and tell you to control yourself because they care but they will never know what it’s like

Standing comfortably on the outside watching you through bars of a cage you can’t escape

A cage of your own making

Of your ego

When you were young you imagined the moment you would break free

But there is no applause

No cameras

Just a small ordinary moment

Of surrender

Of unlocking the doors with the keys in your hand

Because you are not the only forgotten one, ask the ones who denied you

Well I don’t care to tell you this story

But someone out there loves you and wanted you to know

Wanted me to say what they couldn’t articulate

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