Negative space

I got a new job today

So I guess this is goodbye

No more sending subliminal messages through songs over the company chat

No more waiting and hoping for the thing I’m not supposed to wait and hope for

I told a girlfriend about you

She said you were a good guy

I don’t know what else to say

I think our organs are wrong

The selfishness is where the love is supposed to be and the selflessness is where the selfish part is supposed to be

I think we slipped through the cracks of the safety net of destiny

Poverty isn’t fun

Not just money but not having the love you want either

I just wanted to rest for a moment with you

But something in me kept separating me from you

I wanted to reach out but I didn’t want you to see me cry

Literally star-crossed lovers

Fated to choose between dream and reality

It’s too devastatingly dreamy and real

I wanted to make you mortal

But it wasn’t possible

You were angel or demon and nothing in between

Romance incarnate

There’s always going to be a part of me that’s waiting for you

One day when we’re 73

But until then

I’ve figured out what to do with the open wound

This is where poetry comes from

One day I’ll write a book about this

And you’ll know what you hoped for was real to me

It’s love in the negative spaces of where love isn’t supposed to be

It’s more than the world understands

The worlds needs us

It’s not ready for us


You’re going to have to figure out a way to do this without me

Because they need you more than I need you

And someone out there needs me too

Love is supposed to hurt you until there’s nothing left to hurt, just joy and power and the good stuff.

That’s the deal. That’s psychology.

I loved the truth more than I loved you

And you loved the dream more than you loved me

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