I don’t recognize myself anymore

I’ve been acting strange and inconsistent like a person waking up

There is a Hindu myth that god could create anything he wanted and have anything he wanted

But eventually he got bored of having so much power

And he decided to play a new game of hide and seek with himself

He will hide himself as a mortal, as things and pieces of the universe and try to find himself by remembering that he is a god

He went to sleep and played his game in his dream that became the world we live in.

I knew what it felt like to be loved and be home and be held

But I got taken from my home

I forgot myself

I was lost in the world

When I went to sleep at the end of the day I felt lost and afraid

Like I was a stranger in my bed and in my body and mind

And I got used to her

The new me

The girl who wanted to conquer the world so she would forget that she lost her home

I forgot I had a heart

That I was born to love and be loved

Until you woke me

I’m always getting lost

Wandering the town in the dark

And you always find me and bring me home

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