Power of love

An astrologist told me that when I was born, the planet of Venus was almost perfectly aligned with the sun

Consequently, my identity is about beauty and love, like the goddess of love

My whole life I felt that I always had to be in love with someone

It conflicted with my ambition

I felt my strength too

And I did not understand how to use it

I wanted to win in the games of men

But love always brought me to my knees

I was a human sacrifice at the alter of love

I thought it was a curse

I thought love was everything that made me weak

Destiny always presented me with two choices:

The love of power

Or the power of love

Im my reckless ways I always chose power

But this time I chose love

I chose a voluntary surrender

And I was surprised at the triumph that was there

Now I know

Why she is indeed a god

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