I am not like most others

My life happens like a myth

There is always too much

Too much pain or triumph or struggle, but too much fun as well

All the shadows that others keep hidden

Their jealousies and greed and temptations and unacceptable desires

For some accident of birth I am not able to hide

Where others wear their heart on their sleeve, mine is on the palms of my hand

My demons demand to be seen, they want to sing and dance with the crowd

I have tried to hide and be like the others but for me it is not possible

It takes great care and love to survive life like this

There is always someone angry or fighting me

Because they don’t like that I am living this way

Because it reminds them of their shadows they don’t want to face

My love I can sense you

Your demons are more powerful than most

I have seen how you desire, how you hunt, how you control others to your advantage, how you get what you want in silence

But if you are willing to try

I can show you how to turn your shadows into power

Your demons into gods

Or even better, a hero

I know you are because I was trapped in a frightening place and you set me free

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