Goodbye, angel

Love is always a mystery isn’t it

I don’t know what to do with all the dreams I had for you

They feel so sweet yet so painful

Like barbed wire around a humble garden

or shattered glass of an intricate mirror

Right now I’m just glad mysteries exist

I can always visit your hometown

An hours drive from where I grew up

And drink your coffee

And sit and dream and rest

And remember

And thank life for showing me one of its many infinities

One of the many colors of love

That is rarely spoken about

But is so beautiful

Is letting go

What if I had met you sooner?

But I’d rather ask,

What if I hadn’t met you at all?

You healed me

You were an angel

You have me hope that true love is real and it can be found again.

It is not a small power that you have

Your heart was bigger than any world I’ve ever explored

Thank you

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