Know that if I leave you

If I hurt you

It is only a stop on the journey to your heart

In one hand is a map


To where you live

Where you truly live

Not with your childhood home

Not in the ocean or in between in the sky where planes fly

But somewhere else

I came to this country two years ago

With a compass

That is the organ of my heart

And a desire unknown

Knowing that my destiny was undiscovered

That place only seems far

Because we are getting closer

I was a warrior in my past life

A man asked me to continue to battle by his side

I had been longing to hear

But that life ended for me a few days ago

There is nothing left for me to battle

Only to love

What is love?

It is something to do

It is ambition and relaxation both

I am waiting for a hero

Yes all is women are

But the hero is not a man

But a wise woman who knows the knowledge that was lost

Lost in books and schools and kings

This is my purpose, to search with my magic lantern in the caves for the lost wisdom

I would like a quiet place to research

To write

To read from the pages of my soul

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