The ocean

What has arrived? What is this feeling?

What kingdom is this?

What shores of what worlds?

An astrologer told me yesterday that destiny is simply the events that keep happening to us. Because when we keep pushing something away it keeps coming back.

The soul wants to be whole

I never ask who you are

What is your name, where are you from,

What is your purpose

I would never demand anything of you

I would never hold expectations

And if it makes me invisible to you, then so be it

What can I do?

I can only change my religion

They will talk about me

But I am simply what I have always been and always will be

I give you all my tomorrows like this:

I promise you there is nothing to do

Ours is the easiest road

So don’t make any decisions

Don’t even try to fall asleep

Just be as you are

As you’ve been your whole life

The heart of a home, of a town, of its people

All I need is what you give me

A brighter dream

A higher sky

And we will be like a yellow sun in a blue sky

I believe the ones I’ve loved before

We’re echoes of your voice

All these words fall into silence

From your one touch

You hold me like a law I’m afraid to break

A law unto itself

I can feel the power and movement of the ocean

The ocean is the source of great electricity

Like you are also

It takes my breath away

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