I’m fucked

Maybe I’ll get myself a little room

In your town

And lie in bed

Staring at the ceiling

After blocking you on everything

And hiding from you on everything

So you can never find me

The gps to my heart

Well I’m just going to wait around for you listening to music

Because I don’t know what else to do

I’d rather think about you than do literally anything else

Anyway I think he was trying to teach me that I don’t have to do anything

I can’t bring myself to say I love you but I can’t think about love without thinking about it

I need to stop running away

Because I’m running from myself

I thought you were the prettiest Angel I ever met

sweet demon king or god

Come drown me over and over

Understand that I have to do this thing

Where I show people their truth

Surfing the karma waves of men who have debts to pay

I can prey on them yes

For awhile

But with you the waves of anger fade

And I’m exposed for who I am

Just a brilliant glow of light

Without a brother

Maybe it’s just pure love

Well how come it’s not enough

I think you need some bravery son

Eventually I’ll get tired of writing poems to you that you never read

I can search the world for your ocean eyes

But I guess until then let the dreams pour out like rain

What’s love without courage

The world is telling me this burning passionate selfishness is not love

Get married girl

But I hear you whisper

Never back down

I don’t know where I’m going without a man

But neither does the revolution

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