I am the wolf

The force of death in the great balance of life

I am the heart breaker

That breaks your heart

Until it opens

I am time as it slips away and moves on without you

Ever forward

A river finding its way to the ocean

And she comes and goes as she pleases

Falls down like rain

Falls up like clouds

A wiser woman will never go where she promises

And she will never come when you call

You have to be as big and wide as the map of the world,

Or not at all.

What does it take to feel the corners of your heart

Every shadow territory

I don’t know what is inside the heart of every man

I don’t know why some men are given more courage than others

It is the will of nature

I think we could have changed the world

We could have been revolutionaries

But the truth is I would rather be happy here and now and let the world be

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