Love is not always quiet and comforting and gentle

Sometimes it comes like thunder and storms

It comes loudly and violently and quickly and intensely

Yes even a good love

I was always too much

Too selfish too fearless too strong

They told me a woman should fear something

All the square shaped holes that my star shaped heart could not fit

I wondered if I was a beast not a beauty

And I filled with rage every time someone could not love me

I was a monster no man could conquer

But meeting someone like me

Not better or worse or healthier but just simply exactly like me with all my rage and flaws

Shows some scientific proof that there is nothing broken about the shape of my heart

There aren’t too many sharp corners or points that complicate unnecessarily

Because it’s so damn fucking easy to love you

As it should be

And someone strong enough to watch over my shoulder while I sleep

While I undress

While I transform into someone new

Someone even stronger and more dangerous

How do I dare?

How many men want to climb Mount Everest

How many men want to be worthy

How many have died off the cliffs of my decisiveness

How many have cursed my name

Mala noche, bad woman like the unforgiving night of bats and phantoms

These choices are not up to me

It comes from some wilderness inside that asks me not to lie

For the sake of my mothers and sisters and daughters

What was equality from my point of view

It was to see a star in the sky

And to not deny its existence

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