I Desire

How many times have I lost

I’ve lost wars on my body

I lost my brother to himself

I’ve lost more battles than most people dare to fight

For every battle I won I lost two

It is not enough to heal

There must be triumph

And better than before

What battles have you fought before I met you?

And which ones did you choose to win and lose?

Truth is the balance between life and death

He told me in so many ways

So can you teach me why I fight so hard for my own love?

where do we go on this path unwinding

The path towards the ultimate ambition and glory and adventure

Only to find ourselves

And drown in our own emotions and burn in our own energy and breathe our own ideas and touch our own reality

I let go of thinking now

Let go of words

Let go of creating

And I open into a world of newness and air

I am

I desire myself

From the beginning until the end of time

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