The familiar place

I know what I have to do.

I have to hold my ground.

Conquer anger with more anger

Demand everything.

But also—

None of this at all.

It’s safe. It doesn’t matter how close they get.

The pain always pushes me away to a place I know by heart.

Keep going to the place that only you know.

Where you say ‘no’ after you’ve said ‘yes’

Where you keep your hopes tidy, with worn out labels where you’ve touched them since the beginning

Where you wait for the decline of an empire

Go here after you’re proven wrong. Go here after you’ve said the horrible thing you promised not to say. Go here after you said nothing when you should have said something. Go here after they take credit for your work. After they misunderstand you on purpose.

Every heartbreak is something you never imagined was possible

Stay, wait. Sleep. Keep going, hoping.

Always stay in the place where your hair tangles around you and your hands smell familiar, like you

Where you seek comfort is the only truth

One day you’ll see

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