The runner

Did she teach you how to run with the dogs

With stray animals with the unwanted

Dogs that want to go back to the woods and mountains and meadows back into the wolves they were

Did you chase after her

When you discovered that she left you behind

How she left the back door ajar

When she stole your heart how you wanted to die and wished she had stolen anything else, all your gold and silver instead

They call you a learned man a philosopher, but how she taught you to read from the books of your own soul

How to listen to prophets and fortune tellers and music makers and poets

How to reason with what is not reason

How her sound and smell and sight drove you insane inside and how you held on to your sanity like the bar on a roller coaster ride when it fits you too big

Did she dissolve you

Did she touch your heart so deep

It keeps you awake all night

When you blame the three cups of coffee

For your agitation

For your bewilderment

Did she challenge you

With her nonchalance

Did she tell you the story of our deaths

Of all our deaths

Stories from the end of the world

Did she tie you up and twist you the way you wanted to be

Have you never seen a woman like this

Who watched you with a thousand eyes wide closed, who watched from her dreams, from a distance, for years, for ever

She was like an ocean like a mountain when you see it for the first time

Did the salt in her hair remind you of what you were made

my gatsby man

my small town son of a wielder

my big dreamer

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