Loving him was blue

Not an innocent sky blue

Bright bold cyan blue

Aggressive like a logo

Like your soccer jersey

When you wanted to win, but you’re always team no. two

The way extreme cold frostbites burns

Like a blue flame

He takes you to the edge but leaves you stranded to travel the way alone

You found me struggling

Insisted I worship you

He loved me in the negative

And my heart was bruised dyed blue

Insist I love harder and take it for yourself

Turning blue I held my breath for you

Obsession beyond passion

Beyond red

Turning blue

Blue left alone when I needed him most

Blue is this natural?

Blue so blue it stains everywhere

Blue jeans stains my white shirt

But you were not my color

Blue rage when I left you first

Blue you’re sad inside is an excuse not to love anyone

Blue you’re better than red but I need the white light that can shower the world with every color I am

Not just a select filter

For you only

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