I went to the new condo build today

I walked around the empty pristine rooms

I couldn’t stop the shadows of a family that never was from moving in

Girls running around

A partner sleeping here

In sadness I closed the door and carried out different plans

I walked by a playground outside

I came home and drank alone

I didn’t know what to do with myself

I watched a memory as if from a home video of me sitting in the backyard watching fireworks on a warm July night

I could feel him cherishing me like a child but then pulling away

Like my dad would have done

And now I know why you felt like home

An absent home where love was unpredictable

I searched for a home within a home

All my relationships seem so deep

Oh I saved his life oh he was abused

But all it means is that my world is broken people

For once you are simple and that is very deep to me.

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