The art of letting go


Fucking you

Why is it always you

Why do I come back here

When will we let it go

We came together slowly and we broke up slowly

I waited for you then I waited just as long for this to die

We got lost in translation

Lost in time

What did we do with a decade of our lives

What do I do with wasted time

When I tell people about us I don’t have to explain why it hurts

I built my life around you

And now you’re yet another illusion unravelled

A cliche

My ex best friend

My ex heart organ doner

I want to hate you

But I don’t know how to express this hurt

This loss

The future we never had

The children we never had

The adventures and travels we never had

We held on so tight

Hanging on for our lives

Arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times

Now we learn the art of letting go

We could only let go together

The way we did everything together

It’s like throwing freshly fallen snow in the air in handfuls

Watching the light shimmer as it reflects and glistens through a thousand broken fragments of light

It doesn’t all fall down some of it is swept away by the wind

Floating into the sky

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