Both sides now

Everywhere I look now I see both sides, the strength and weakness, the duality of life

Every victory has inside it a loss

At the height of winter I let my old dreams die

Dreams of peace and loneliness and stillness and patience

I am not yet ready to tell my story

I was but a girl

When you came to me I was asleep

I fell into your dance where you told me to keep going

I see your mistakes

And you are but a man

You had died inside and you asked me to hold you close because because because you were lost in limbo between living and the land of the dead and I was an angel telling you which way to go

If you could see your own soul it is the shape of the love you cannot hold in the physical world so it breaks into this other one

We die into love there is no other way in

I’ve watched my life fall apart

I’ve seen it come back together

The whole time I asked myself,

Who the hell am I?

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