Night flower

Love is what I didn’t want love to be

Here in the heat of darkness I sit and balance and shake and wait without waiting

How can I want you perfectly? I never knew courage until I tried to reach you

You could be the talk and I could be the walk

I couldn’t sleep

Then my heart blossomed into the night flower

Just for tonight or for forever

Love was everything I wanted and everything it wanted to be

What I hold back unfurls itself into another expression of your kindness and open palm and I would die to find you back from the land of the dead

The enemies inside me surrender to you

What do you know about the laws of love, of rules, of agreements

Here are the miracles here is giving back what was lost what died forever is resurrected here are three holy days here is another language spoken for the first time in the history of the world

Here I keep my secret like a seed in the ground

I was a flower in the desert sun and you showed me I needed the night to grow

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