In scattered time

I looked for you in all the faces

We were the start and end of time

The Big Bang

The singularity

For you I travelled through non linear time

Borrowing memories and stealing future hopes

I didn’t now how much you meant until I tried to live without you

Years and years and years went by and I wasn’t letting go

I was looking for a reason for truth

Why did we go wrong

But I only found reasons why we were right

I guess

The thing is

I want more than a reason

I guess I don’t need to explain anymore

Most things are just frameworks

Time, self, choice,

Good and bad

I used to be so ashamed

I wasn’t ready

I should’ve known you would’ve waited

You loved me with your waiting

Five years ago you asked me, are you okay?

I don’t think you wanted me to know how much you waited

It happened it all happened

Scattered in time

You come back to me at different times still

Like a voice reaching out from memories

How you felt, your happiness your anxiety your relief your reaction your jealousy how bad you wanted me how you watched over and protected me

Let me remember before I go

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