Take your cage, take your keys

I’ve decided that love from now on should taste like freedom

I won’t be keeping any more promises so you can’t blame me for breaking them

When I think of how you cornered me into surrendering my right for your wrong

Your revenge gone off-center feeding an ego binge

I almost admire your expert crafting of human reactions and motives

I didn’t notice you crawl under my skin

For days and weeks and months I’ve been crying and holding myself searching for broken windows or locks

But all you had to do was unlock the back door while you were invited here before I kicked you out for good

And you took away my friends and you tried to make yourself king but no one was smiling in your court

He made it hard to think freely or speak freely I wanted to reach out to mend myself but I felt like my own heart was locked out of my reach. I guess that’s what it felt like when I said no to your face, finally you wanted something you couldn’t have.

Come get your things

Take your cage,

take your keys

I guess commitment means different things to men and women

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