Slow dancing

I’m not that strong

I’m sad too

I need someone to hear that

I kept stopping and staring at the ground

And crying

And kicking my skateboard forward

All the way home.

Everyone plays so many games to stay out of pain

But we all feel the same in the end

We’re just actors in each other’s stories

It’s like those movies that start off with different characters in different lives

But the plot brings them all together in the end

And it makes sense who ends up where

Like we’re all reading this last line

For maybe the last time.

It’s strange how it felt so distant to me yet it’s so easy now. Easy to say whatever I want and for everyone to care

I’m finding it hard to accept it too and I need help letting go too I can’t let go alone I can’t do it alone

Please let go please let go

If either of you knew

How much I hate being here

I can’t take it anymore

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