Modern Romance

I think every person starts out their life by asking the question, how can I be as kind as possible without destroying myself ? And whatever comes out of that speaks to their life circumstances. You can see how threatening that question can be to some, especially those that decide not to be kind at all.

The most unknown thing in this modern world is romance. We have the worst misconceptions about it. People want it their whole lives and imagine it to be a state where they experience everything they want, ie happiness but what I think it really is, is something else choosing for you what happiness is, and you agreeing like, oh yeah that feels good now. It’s like when you’re stretching and it hurts until you accept it and stop struggling against your body, then the tension starts to feel kind of good in a way you didn’t know or expect.

Imagine trying to program a robot to fall in love, it’s crazy. It’s like, you should desire to want to not be in control of your emotions. Substitute emotions as motivation, and further, motivation for desires, and you are left with a paradox. Obviously rationality is nothing compared to the millions of years of evolutionary instinct.

I think God exists and it is simply survival. It decides what we have to do to stay alive and if we stay alive, it’s also whatever the thing was that made us survive. When we say we want love, I think it’s the surrender to that process. It’s the playful, creative exchange between survival and non-survival, between being and disappearing.

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