unlucky people

There are no people more pitiful,

More poor,

There are no children more disadvantaged,

More worse off

Than the ones who grow up

Not seeing what true love looks like

Feels like

Acts like

They will search

Like a loose kite searching for the sun

For a vision of love, no—of a better life

But wander all over the city

Afraid of the light

Missing chances with one’s they deserve and bending to fit where they do not

They may insist that life has its truths, it’s own truths, habits, principles

But those truths are shadows of the only reality there is

It’s not like I have that kind of love but I’ve made my mistakes and I’ve missed my chances and I’ve learned the hard way about losing soulmates

I’ve slipped through the cracks, speaking about losing soulmates

The thing you weren’t supposed to lose

I’m sorry I broke us/ unbreakable us turned into breakable me and breakable you

Time, distance, suspicions broke this

What happens when you break the thing you weren’t supposed to break?

Do you get sent back to hades? Does he disassemble you?

So was I reincarnated?

Am I supposed to pass the fire?

And teach someone new how to love, the things you taught me?

What is the purpose of this task? Who or what is writing this story?

Were we ever even human

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